Advisor Think Box is a site designed to help financial advisors build great businesses. In this site you will find lot of articles and information pertaining to a variety of topics including:  Branding, marketing, social media, practice management, business building, sales, customer service, systems, time management, technology, management skills and so much more.  Anything we can do to help financial advisors build great businesses it what we will do.  Although Advisor Think Box is geared to my industry, I have been told that businesses of all sorts have benefited from our content.  After all, the principles of business are universal.

Advisor Think Box is brought to you by Jim Yih.  Jim is a well know financial expert who has been helping Canadians make better decisions with money for the past 20 years.  Jim knows exactly what it is like to be a financial advisor because he was one for 12 years.  Jim built a great business from the bottom up and sold it 12 years later.

Jim now spends his time as a Professional Financial Speaker and a writer of one of Canada’s premier financial websites www.WealthWebGurus.com.  Jim also works as a consultant with Financial advisors to help them build great businesses.

For more information on Jim, Google him and you will see that he has tremendous online presence or visit one of him many websites: